Choosing antique and vintage jewellery

Choosing antique and vintage jewellery

What is antique jewellery? Is it good value?

What better way to explore your own personality, style and uniqueness by choosing from a range of professionally sourced individual pieces of jewellery handpicked for authenticity, rarity, quality, condition and design from bygone eras.

Vintage aquamarine and diamond rectangular cluster ring, a popular choice of stone in antique and modern jewellery for its colour, clarity as well as its association as the birthstone of the month of March

Women and men have worn jewellery through the ages for the same reasons as we wear it today. A token of love union, friendship, a token of gratitude, a gift of gratitude or comfort. Worn also as a statement of status, of wealth on display for all to see, to adorn as jewels of beauty to give pleasure.

Jewellery design from 50 years ago to antiquity would be handmade, intricate and decorative design. Worn with love and pride with its own story and uniqueness that has lasted through the years. Iconic styles, which ever floats your boat, be it Georgian, Victorian, Edwardian, Art Deco, Art Nouveau or Vintage, it will be sure to evoke a great feeling of unity and reference with the fabulous past.

Modern aquamarine and diamond cluster Ring, manufactured with a hand finish

Modern jewellery can either be manufactured or designed by hand, all jewellery is finished by hand. For modern jewellery to be made with the high levels of workmanship and materials as antique jewellery the cost to you will be much greater.

Our jewellery is unique, each item whether a ring, brooch, necklace, bracelet or earrings, has its own distinctive character. The age, history and design will give you your individual identity linking up with your own eclectic desires.

1960’s emerald and diamond cluster ring. An emerald’s internal ‘glow’ is a distinctive character that has made it a popular precious stone throughout all ages. Rarity of high quality emeralds makes antique and vintage designs increasingly desirable

Within our team we have the expertise, knowledge and credentials to ensure all our jewellery has been selected for authenticity, quality, rarity, design, style and price. We are happy to discuss all of your needs and questions, we will always give you an assessment and valuations of jewellery of your interest. You can either pick up the phone and discuss with us or email us. We can also provide you with further photos, videos or information.

We realise that purchasing jewellery is personal and important to get right. We are ready to listen and look forward to hearing from you.